Time to cook: 15mins

Time to prepare: 15mins

Ingredients: chicken breasts (1 piece), salt, pepper, plain flour(3 cup + half cup), tapioca flour (half cup), garlic(1 clove), corn starch (1tbsp), water (half to 1 cup), catchup, white vinegar, sugar

Who doesn't like sweet and sour? Everyone except the Chinese! :D


  1. Cut chicken breast into pieces (strips, cubes... upto you)
  2. I like to use the back of the knife and bash them a bit so loosen up the texture of the chicken breast
  3. Season with a little salt and pepper, not too much salt here as we have a sauce and there will be salt in the coating too
  4. In a bowl mix the plain flour, tapioca flour, pepper to taste, salt to taste, chopped garlic
  5. Add water little by little as we are looking for a super thick texture here. Definitely not runny, when you lift up your spoon the mixture should slide down slooooowly
  6. Leave the half cup plain flour in a plate.
  7. Heat the deep fryer to 180 degrees
  8. Dip the chicken pieces in the batter we prepared, we want a nice thick coating
  9. Quickly roll into the plate of flour so each gets flour dusted
  10. Fry untill golden brown
  11. Now for the sweet and sour sauce :), in a pan add in water, white vinegar, catchup, sugar (1:1:1:1/2) you can adjust the amount of sugar as each brand of catchup tastes different. Sitr and mix well.
  12. Mix the corn starch and some water (ideally 1:3)
  13. When the sauce starts to bubble, quickly add in half of the starch/water mixture (make sure you stir them well before add in), it will start to thicken, add in more to your liking.
  14. Run the sauce through a sieve to get more refined texture
  15. (optional) Add in some frozen peas to the sauce and if you like hot and some chopped or whole small chili
  16. Serve hot, eat up!

Look at me!

Dip it into the sauce

Who doesn't like deep fried?