Time to cook: 15mins

Time to prepare: 5mins

Ingredients: chicken stock (or boiled and cooled water), 1 egg, salt (optional, for seasoning purpose), sesame oil (elevate the taste, not necessary)

My daughter loves it, it is super smooth, easy to swallow and most importantly yum!

This version is for those of you that has a rice cooker with a steam function. You can use normal pot with a steamer basket but that is hard to control - we are super busy mums and we want super easy recipes!

I found this type of rice cooker so useful - you probably want to buy one if you see one on special. They are much better than those cheaper rice cooker. I've used steam function to do a lot of things. Steamed lots vegs and fruits for my daughter's first baby food. There's no need to buy an expensive baby food processor - if you love rice then consider buy one of those!


  1. In a bowl, beat one egg
  2. Pour in chicken stock (or boiled and cooled water) - this is important - make sure the ratio to your egg is 1:1, yes, this is how I liked it being cooked and my daughter enjoys it! (Add salt if you want some seasoning for your toddler)
  3. Pour warm water into the rice container (fill in about half - not too less)
  4. Put the steam basket on and put the bowl in (of course you have to make sure the bowl is small enough to fit in and leave you space to close the rice cookers' lid =)
  5. Press the steam button - wait for 12mins
  6. Check at this point, you can use a skewer or something with pointy head to poke the center of the egg - if there are lots liquid coming out then close the lid wait for another 1 to 2 mins and check again after

Beaten egg - Not much of liquid for an egg huh? =)

Chicken stock blocks - Cooking chicken stock is way way easier than you think - use a pressure cooker, pour water and a whole chicken in (water just cover chicken or a bit below is fine) - or may be just some legs and wings or even just the frame. Strain and cool the liquid once done and pour into your favourite baby food storage cubes.

And of course chicken stock brings more flavour for the baby to enjoy this dish!

Just get a few chicken stock blocks (depend on how big your egg is) and heat in microwave till they turn back into liquid.

Silky Steamed Egg - By using a Rice Cooker with Steam Function

Here we go - after 15 mins (I did check at 12mins point and poke the center - if you look closely you will find the poked trace of liquid :))

Here it is out of the steamer!!!