Time to cook: 10mins

Time to prepare: 10mins

Ingredients: 1 chicken breast, salt, pepper, corn flour

This is a super quick chicken dish.

The chicken breast will be tender and tasty.


  1. Cut chicken breast into think slices. About 0.5-1cm thick, you don't want them to be too thin.
  2. Spread them out on your cutting board, use the back of the knife to bang on them so it looses the meat.
  3. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. In a pan (make sure you use one that can add a lid on later or find a way to cover the pan), add in some oile and heat it up.
  5. Add some corn flour in a plate, dust the chicken pieces lightly, put in the pan
  6. Use medium heat, you don't want to burn them.
  7. Cook both sides till golden brown
  8. Add in about 2tbsp water, put the lid on
  9. Turn down the heat a bit, wait for 3-5mins (depend on how many chicken pieces you have in there)
  10. Open the lid, make sure all the liquid are gone, otherwise cook till the liquid are gone, take them out and serve

They are no ordinal pan fried chicken pieces.

She always eats them when she is in the right mood.

I will finish up all left overs with some chilli, it is a good snack, nom!