Time to cook: 5mins per pancake

Time to prepare: 30mins

Wait Time: 1h

Ingredients: spring onion (a bunch, chopped), plain flour (500g + 1tbsp), oil (2 tbsp), salt, cold water(120g), hot water(240g), lard(this is a nice to have!)

I am no expert of doughs and pastries but this one is always tasty even when I don't do measurements.

The Spring Onion Pankcake is a very Profound memory of me. This is a street food in Shanghai when I was young and this is one of those street food my grandpa will buy me one after school. It is crispy on the edges, soft inside. You can see the layers after bite into it. The simplest ingridents and do it right brings you the yummiest snack!

My daughter eats a few when she is in good mood and I don't cook many dishes that wins my husband's heart but this is one of them.

One more thing, I am not into perfect food looks so this is an ugly version of the yummy spring onion pancake =)


  1. In a big bowl (preferably the ones you use to mix cake mixture), add in plain flour.
  2. Add in pinch of salt
  3. Use one chopstick (save your chopsticks next time from your Chinese takeaway visit) start to stir in the flour and slowly pour in the hot water.
  4. Stop pouring the hot water when flour turn into snow-flake-like-texture
  5. Add in the cold water and mix through, don't add in all of the water at once, you are looking for a very very thick mixture
  6. Use a electrical mixer (hand mix will drain your energy, we are not chefs afterall, trust me here), use medium and mix for about 5 mins. You want a mixture that is still very very thick but want most of the lumps gone (but don't get stressed if there are still some). Mix in the spring onions.
  7. Cover bowl with a tea towel, keep in a warm place like microwave or oven for about 1 hour to rest. (Again don't stress out if you totally forget about it, a few hours later is totally fine)
  8. Now in a small bowl, mix 2tbsp oil with 1tbsp plain flour, you can add in some salt here so that you don't need to season the pancake later as this mixture will go onto all your pancakes.
  9. After one hour, take the bowl out, prepare on an oiled clean surface (it is very very very sticky, oil your hands too)
  10. Grab some dough out like a size of your fist (or depends on your liking), I prefer smaller ones as they comes out crispier after cooking.
  11. Flatten the dough on the surface, add about one teaspoon of the oil+flour mixture you prepared early, spread out evenly
  12. If you have lard in hand (I always make a big batch), add in one tsp or 2, it really helps elevates the flavour!
  13. Sprinkle salt to your liking.
  14. Now roll it up, this rolling up and the oil/flour mixture helps creates the layer inside the pancake
  15. Flatten the dough and you are ready to cook your first Spring Onion Pancake!
  16. In a hot pan, add in generous amount of oil (it is a sticky dough remember?), add in the dough, use a spatula or similar kind to press it flat as hard as you can so it will become as thin as possible (if you like the outside to be very crispy)
  17. Cook each side to golden brown then serve hot (I prefer cut them into pieces)

"Snow Flakes" - after mixing with hot water

Oh wow I love Spring Onions :P

Before using electronic mixer

After mixing with electronic mixer. Don't forget to rest it for an hour.

My homemade lard in a jar, add a little bit to your cooking like noodle soup, dried noodles, yummmmmo!

One small dough ready to be flattened, treated and rolled

Flatten the dough, use your hand, you don't need a roller. Spread on the oil/flour mixture and/or lard

Roll it up! Don't forget to season it with salt !

After rolling and flatten it again, I use baking paper to seperate each one.

Into a hot pan!

Gorgeous golden brown! Crispy!

Not my best effort but it got layers! If you flatten it and roll a couple of times you will get more refined layers

Ready to eat!