Time to cook: 10mins

Time to prepare: 10mins

Ingredients: green beans (250g), garlic (5 cloves), stock/water(150ml), salt, oil (1tbsp)

Well, my daughter loves anything thin and long, so any type of noodles, asparagus are all on her safe list.

How can I not cook green beans then :) Make sure you cook through though because raw ones are poisonous


  1. Cut green beans into length to your liking
  2. Mince the garlic, I found minced garlic gives more flavour
  3. In a hot hot pan (preferably wok/skillet), add in oil, then quickly add in garlic
  4. Cook garlic until they start to change colour.
  5. Quickly add in the green beans
  6. Cook for 1 mintue, pour in a bit of stock/water (that just covers the bottom of the pan/wok/skillet you are using.
  7. Make sure you stir all the way through.
  8. Once the liquid are about to dry up, add a bit more stock, let the green beans absorb it again.
  9. Repeat this until the green beans start to soften, if you are running out of stock then use water.
  10. Add in salt to taste (and pepper if you like)
  11. Continue to cook and stir until the beans are tender to your liking.

She can finish up a whole plate.